Ophans of Whitehill

Ullr Ramblings 17
Game Date 12-16-16

Game Dates: 12/16/16
- Ask questions to Shakua about Seed and Necromancer
o He is a Waylander as well. His item from Master Koomer gives him a connection to us that allows him to create undead when we heal!!
o Seed is the FOCUS
o Horn of Unicorn is the FORM
- Fought specters in the library-Room 23
- Fetter & I both aged by the terrifying creatures
- Kaid becomes possessed by the undead and nearly kills Jiguro
- Bookcases ‘accidentally” knocked over, but picked back up
- With some research, we find out in the God Wars, 9 of 11 High Priests died in the Great Revolt. Buried in Ennead Barrow
- Ghost Knight is a floating Undead Helmet.
- We head toward known location of the Knight-March Tor
- Along the way we see Lightning and Energy Bolts—Fey Cast
- When we arrive—evidence of a recent battle
“I have advantage on Hit Points” -Ullr
“Where are we going?” -Ullr to Kaid
Kaid’s Reply: “blah blah blah” – (what Ullr hears)
“Ok—the first place” – Ullr
“He’s light as a Fetter” – Ullr lifting his fallen companion out of combat

Ullr's Ramblings 16
Game Date 11/26/16

Game Dates: 11/26/16
- We are able to walk the Moon Path with the help of the potion. Encounter a large beast on the path “Chitterglax”.
- He helps make Fetter a Waylander with a Blood Spell.
- We get to the Enclave and see an audience with Teavors who is an instructor. He reviews paperwork from Gwen.
- He tells of story of the Valley:
+ “Farvanari” Green Unicorn was protector of Valley
+ “Selephra” Bramble Queen: Possessed Unicorn enticed it to fight Ents
+ Horn snapped off in trunk of “Pethart” who now slumbers. Other Ents were:
- Knot Fist: Wanders the Valley battling orcs
- Cloud Crown: Gave up his existence

- We also speak with “Shakua” Sphinx on top floor in tower.
- Calls us “Destined” ones and checks us all over
- Tells me “The Heart of your Team flows through You”
- Book we seek is in the hands of the Necromancer. Three specters in room 23 left behind by him.
- Necromancer is also our Brother through Koomer. When we heal, he uses the power to create undead.
- We ask about the Seed that Berron was seeking. Seed is in the Valley and can be re-united with Unicorn Horn.

PURCHASES: Curing Potions (2D4+2) Total: 3

Ullr Ramblings 15
Game Dates 11/4 & 11/18/16

Game Dates: 11/4/16 & 11/18/16
- Learn from Gwen that we need to put Moon Path potion on obelisk to see the hidden passage from Konk Slotch to Chiliad Conclave. Should also have silver coins to barter with them
Purchase one such potion and have 800 SP
- Decide to head to Konk Slotch to report on golem and also Eld Drommars findings. Should take one week of travel
- Attack by orges first night!!
- Make it to mining village of Konk Slotch. Dwarves mostly panning for gold. Also some digging in mines. Problem with Brimstone coating walls. Disease has ravaged some citizens. Paladin needed
- Reward offered if we help clear it and find & eliminate source.
- Creature is a Grimslake or “Gate Wyrm”. We prepare a plan and head into the dungeon to battle the demon!
- We find the beast and charge! A ferocious battle ensues. I am frightened for a time due to the HELL I see within the creatures gaping maw! Jiguro’s Radiant light blasts along with Jayna’s magically infused bow, Fetters lightning hacks and my shield blows quickly kill it—much to our surprise.
- As we kill the beast—a void opens and pulls us all toward the rift in its stomach. The millstone, my shield and strength keep me from tumbling into the abyss. Fetter & I keep Kaid from a similar fate.
- We recover and move to find Berron barely able to keep his Sanctuary wards in place. Jiguro & Fetter rush to save him.
Fighting Technique Lesson: [Tomlin] Best way to take a hit and avoid damage. Gain Feat: Hero’s Repose: Always gain health of at least CON modifier
PEOPLE: Berron: Earth Speaker (dwarf)//Grim Witty: Satirist Bard (Gnome)//Gargber: Quarry Master (Dwarf)

“Jiguro IS waking up” – ‘20’ on his CON check
“Who’s weak now Fetter” –Jiguro upon healing the bugbear

Ullr Ramblings 14
Game Date 10/28/16

Game Date: 10/28/16
Send a note to Eld Drommar within the Dwarven Enclave about the success within the prison and thanks for his assistance. Also of our plan to go North. His reply is a pouch I am to bring to Kona Slotch.
Kaid finds a rumor monger-Saerus the Clever-to find out information about the Necromancer that was thought to be effecting the lands in the north. The same one that we believe sent the giant skeletal hand. He also received a map! Mark the information found out on copy of it.
Head to closest town: Granton. A golem attack happened there recently. Local hero Tomlin fought it off. Speak with him about the fight with the construct. As we are speaking, the town “crier”/tracker, Fredrick calls for help at Gwens Shop. He is unable to go due to his injuries. Sends us in his place.
All kinds of creatures out of their cages. Need to capture them, not kill them. After collecting nets and other items to detain the escapees, we head inside.
A few of the occupants in the building are statues due to an escaped cockatrice. I am “blasted” by a shock lizard and find one of the shock lizards is HUGE. I end up punching it!!
Work together and get all the creatures back in their cages. As a reward-we are given some potions and an ominous sounding fortune:
“Broken book is causing more trouble than it should is that which you seek!”
“The One you seek is carrying the Book”
Collect our bounty and re-organize—deciding where to go next.
Fighting Technique Lesson: From Scarred Tomlin who fought a GOLEM. Hit the beast in the seams!
“You weak” – Fetter to Jiguro upon his not being able to hold onto man catcher

Ullr Ramblings 13
Game Date 9/22/16

Game Date: 9/22/16
Dreaming… no, Floating. I feel like I am floating
A strange sensation since I am so heavy and dense as a dwarf—I do not believe I have even floated—not even in water. I last remember the beasts fearsome and ferocious teeth slice through my mail armor and pain lanced throughout my body. Then darkness!! *
But here I am soaring to some unknown and dim destination *
Suddenly I am halted in mid-flight. Something grabs me and my attention *
**“You must go back Ullr” the disembodied spirits say in an eerie & haunting echo.

  • I recognize the voice as that of my parents, intertwined in a musical dirge *
    “Fulfill your destiny and decision to re-establish Our Clan name!!” *

    A powerful force—more brutal than my strongest punch—
    hurls me backwards to a familiar light

    I am staring at Jiguro as he smiles at me. The remnants of his healing touch fading. “Welcome back my friend”
    I recall what happened that led me here:
    We battled a HUGE purple wyrm!!! We determined it to be young—but its bite and size made me fear what an adult one would be like in combat! Plus, the ability it had to jump through apparent solid rock caused quite a challenge for our entire party! Oswalt’s noisy spells did help—but overall, it was one of our most difficult fights in the time we have been together.
    After the fight, one of the rogues, a Bugbear named Garugek offers his services to our group as a lieutenant. I tear off his mandibles and give him the name “Fetter”
    Search the creatures lair and find some treasure. We also follow the tunnel out and find ourselves on the island just east of Ironcrest. Hire a boat to get us back to mainland.
    Fighting Technique Lesson: Shields can be a useful weapon in a pinch!
    - Chisel with dwarven symbol for “GROW” on it
    - Black Staff with snakes head “Staff of the Adder”
    - 20 teeth from the Plum Wyrm
    - 6 pieces of jewelry worth @ 50 gp each
Ullr Ramblings 12
Game Date 9/16/16

Game Date: 9-16-16
- Jiguro and I do ritual for dead monk guards
- Work our way back to the large chamber with murals of Six Waylanders.
- Bandits are looting some of the statues. Before it comes to blows, I halt them and us
- Play harp to match music player—secret door opens
- Put armor on statue—another secret door opens
- Further investigation finds map room/study in latter, library in former.
- Attacked by Moths!! Use flame and might to defeat
- Come across deep gnomes fighting dracotaur. Call for help from gnomes. Bugbear and I charge. Party tries to stop me.
- Find out after questioning the gnomes that they are slavers trying to bring the beast to the surface to sell.
- After gnomes depart, we revive the monster and it tells us of a giant wyrm at the end of the tunnel that needs to be defeated to get out via this tunnel. Our other options are to try to get out through the prison.
Fighting Technique Lesson: Keep your feet and focus on largest of creatures. Distractions cause injuries

“Jolt up the Axe” What Ullr receives trying to pry open corner of walls
“Premature Invocation” Oswalt’s misfired eldridge blast

Ullr Ramblings 11
Game Date 6/17/16

Game Date: 6/17/16
During a long rest in, the party discusses what is going on and recap what we have learned
- “Surgeon” is trying to make a perfect descendant made up of all the Waylanders bloodlines
- “Plunk” is a magic crossbow that fires Magic Missiles. Seems to like Kaid
- “Mastermind” is in charge of Butler Guards (golems) and if Butler or Wright try to use them, MM will know
- There is a Salamander loose in the castle. Used by Zanner, but now out of its cage. It manipulated some of the crystals in MM “brain”
- The “Lifter” is also somewhere in the tower. Strong golem.
o Red: Drive
o Green: Grace/Balance
o White: Memory
o Blue: Cognitive/Reasoning
o Purple: Creative Thinking
We proceed to the top floor and search around. Find a wardrobe and some closed doors. Unfortunately Jiguro armor makes too much noise and a battle ensues
I battle “Lifter” while others keep the butler golems at bay. Occasionally the Salamander will heat things up.
Defeat all the monsters and find the Salamander in one of the rooms. Kaid talks with him and we decide to make a deal with him so we can get out and away from the tower

Fighting Technique Lesson: Focusing on one opponent allows me to use all my learned skills & feats together to be an extremely formidable force to protect my fellow party members

“Morning Dove” – The GREAT SCARY Golems name

Ullr Ramblings 10

Game Date: 6/3/16
- Travel long corridor and get past iron door
- Find a magical bronze and copper rod in Zanner’s cup. When his name is spoken by me, the wand draws a glyph on the floor that transports us to Tower
- Oswalt’s blood opens door into foyer. Greeted by Butler.
- Learn of crystals in Bulter’s “brain” Some are missing. There were three beings created by Zanner: Butler, Surgeon & Wright, now only two, plus Mastermind
- Search workshop and find various alchemical items (See list)
- We find parts to Wright and Oswalt is able re-assemble him.
- Feeling something like Butler – missing crystals in my brain—I try to follow the party’s discussion of what to do next!

Learned fighting style: Fighting the urge to fall asleep!!

“What’s a fish tank?” Ullr after Kaid describes how large Mastermind has gotten
Type of Vessel Color/Description Item
Pouch Sweet smelling dust
Vial with cork Brown & Thick like oil paint
White Ceramic Lilacs in rain
Holy symbol of Raziel
Holy Water Holy Water Holy Water
Shaped like woman Green with gold flakes
Triangle symbol Bitter smell
Pyramid Shaped Vial Gray with white & black flecks
Steel Hip Flask Powdered Gem stones Value: 200-300 gp
Black Tube: Skull & CB Poison Poison
Crystal Vial wit hsix sides Liquid Silver : Mercury?

Ullr Ramblings 9

Game Date: 4/29/16
- Kaid & I open a door across watery hallway. Enter and two dwarven mouths yell “STOP!!” Also find dragon head that breaths FIRE!
- We retreat back to party and try a different approach. Open all mouths on the wall and fill chamber with water.
- The hallway shifts down to reveal tunnel filled with tantalum blades a VERY sharp blue metal. We find we would never survive going through them by NOT swimming.
- All make it through and disable more of the traps by pulling kill switch.
- Read writings on a mural:
o Dwarf: “Victory is only won through Determination”
o Gnome: “The Right Tool is a Creative Mind”
- Get to a door with a place to put the Coin. Door opens to reveal a hex shaped room. Strange pattern on floor as well.
- Noble Dwarf rises from center sarcophagus while other creatures rise from other spots.
- I get a feeling of despair and fear until the dwarf touches me and says “You are going about this foolishly”
- Eventually find we are in the chamber of the Warden Craighelm!
- Each of us cut ourselves to prove our bloodlines
- Before leaving through the mirror, the Warden tells us what we need to do:
o TEST 1: Unravelling has begun-must be contained. Lock barn Doors again and Contain the Genie
o TEST 2: Allies have found a way to where we are to be next
- We leave the chamber to hunt the genie!

Ullr Ramblings 8a

Game Date: 4/22/16
- The party checks out the area around Crest on top of hill. Jayna shows us spot where coin acts strangely
- Discuss ways to search that area:
o Dig at the spot?
o Go thru jail with help of Kaid’s “sheriff” friends & a map of caverns
o Ask?
- Decide we need money. Kaid & I fight in arena. Spend 200gp in gambling but make 400 gp back
- Next, meet with two of the diviners in town. One is an elf who can be very pricey. Decide to use “witch” Grandam Purolock (gnome)
- She gives us two options by means of a poem: Through the Prison OR Find Stairs.
- I send note and Eld Drommar of Dwarven Enclave meets us at the spot on top of crest and we work out a plan to dig for the site: Crypt of Tolcoth Cragshale: Mystahlinn’s husband
- Using the Moonsday fog, Magic Fog Cloud and the invisibility dust to hide our tent—we work well together: digging, moving dirt, casting Silence. Eventually get to the silver sheen that covers the opening. As soon as I touch the Coin to the barrier, it “pops” and we almost all fall through.
- Take down the tent and hide it inside hole-then cover hole.
- Enter the tomb and before we even get to the bottom of the stairs, touch the Coin to one of the dwarven “mouths” and a tremendous GYSER of water nearly knocks all of us over!!
- Eventually the water stops and we block up the trap with whatever we can find.
- ……to be continued
Fighting Technique REMEMBERED: RAGE!! Added strength and reduced damage! Duh!.
“How do you feel about losing?” –Oswalt to Ullr before Arena battle
“I will have the Antidote for you.” Hollis, Diviners greeter, after allowing party to finish their tea


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