Quarter-man with a plan



Intro Blurb: 10
Intro Story: 50
Adventure Logs (10xp per log): 0
Game 1: Funeral: 62
Game 2: Zombie Hand: 140
Game 3: Goblins: 140
Game 4: Gypsy Inn to Kenku: 200
Game 5: Kenku & Harpy: 470
Game 6: Into Deep Talon: 575
Game 7: Out of Deep Talon: 1075
Game 8: Into IronCrest: 178
PbEmail: 0
Game 9: Into IronCrest Prison: 780

Total: 3680xp
Level = 4
Next Level = 6500xp

Character Traits
Personality: I bluntly say what other people are hinting at or hiding.
Ideals: We have to take care of each other, because no one else is going to do it.
Bond: I owe a debt I can never repay to the person who took pity on me.
Flaws: It’s not stealing if I need it more than someone else.


Kaid’s Diary: The start of it All

For those who are unfortunate enough to find this and read this, my name is Kaid just another unwashed body among the masses. I was orphaned at the age of about 5, when my parents died in a sudden and unfortunate house fire. This is where I started collecting my many scars. My parents were never wealthy but we we’re as bad as many people in the Dregs. One day something happened at the market and the next thing I knew my house was burning down with my parents locked inside, they managed to get me out but not themselves. I drifted for a year or so learning how to thieve and survive as an urchin. Then Professor Koomor found me and brought me to Whitehill.

About ten years after the Professor took me in I left. I wasn’t really sure how much I could actually accomplish on my own but I knew that I had to do something. I wanted to make the world into a better place, one where the Professor could spend his time reading his books and not having to worry so much about all of the problems in the world. With that in mind, I went back to the streets of Delgos and tried to help those that I could, taking from the unsuspecting rich and give what I could to those that needed it. That’s where the crazy group of kids popped up.

During one of my typical strolls through the market a sudden cry got everyone’s attention, it also got me too if I wasn’t about to start cutting a mans purse. The kid looked like he was in serious pain, his ankle looked pretty messed up. He was definitely going to need a doctor or someone with good hands to fix that break which is about when I noticed a small stick poking out of his pants with the other end snapped of somewhere in his shoe. The kid was fooling the entire crowd,and doing a good job at that, which could logically mean only one, thing there was at least one or two other people snatching purses and wallets while the crowd was distracted. That’s where I met Keagan, the Crier, and the twins, Zac and Leon. We had a few good jobs that were a step above what I could do alone and they could without a proper organizer. I ended up as a sort of leader since I was always good at getting information and find places that were good for the jobs, the rest was up to their group. It was interesting to see them play out the jobs the way that I had described them, each detail of Keagan’s lies where mine and yet when he spoke them it was like he was uttering nothing but the truth and that the listener had to do nothing but sit and listen to him. The twins on the other hand were like machines, they knew each other on such a level that I had suspicions that they could speak with each other through their minds, neither ever got in the others way and neither plucked from the same poor sap that happened to get caught in the job.

Not soon after a big job a half-orc kid burst his way into our small base. Bruce the Clubber was infamous in the small area that we worked near, he would pick fights with anyone that happened to annoy him that day and before the Armsmen could catch him he clubbed them unconscious as well.. Bruce became a member of the small group as his muscle and general lack of social graces allowed us for more room to do our work, as we had a sort of safety net that could cover us from the Armsmen. The final member to join our small group was basically the charisma to my brains, Gene who was the leader in charisma and my brains could be used for more important work of mapping out the jobs and making sure the locations of the jobs were good. He would help with mapping out the jobs from time to time but his best job was teaching the rest of the group how the job would go down and to be the leader that I never could be. Its with this group that I have spent all of my time, and it has done at least some good in the area of the Dregs that we are based in. The people there seem to be a little less ragged and the houses don’t threaten to fall on you at all hours of the days, just during rush hours which has cause numerous issues for jobs.

When I was handed the letter from the Professor I was a little shocked but after reading that the Professor came asking for me to return, I did almost before I was even done reading it. If he needed me I would be there as fast as I could. I left the rest of the group in Delgos to hold down the fort and wait for me to return, I was hoping this wasn’t going to take too long because if it did then something very bad was happening and the Professor would need all the help he could get.


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