Friendly neighborhood mind controller



Intro Blurb: 10
Intro Story: 50
Adventure Logs (10xp per log): 0
Game 1: Funeral: 62
Game 2: Zombie Hand: 140
Game 3: Goblins: 140
Game 4: Gypsy Inn to Kenku: 200
Game 5: Kenku & Harpy: 470
Game 6: Into Deep Talon: 0
Game 7: Out of Deep Talon: 0
Game 8: Into IronCrest: 278
PbEmail: Shagg wgah’nagl fhtagn: 500
Game 9: Into IronCrest Prison: 880

Total: 2730
Level = 4
Next Level = 6500




Oswalt isn’t exactly on the short list of people you’d expect at a gathering of Whitehill’s most illustrious success stories. He was meek and frail, graceless in athletics and romance, and otherwise quite dull. Most people left him alone with his books. He also definitely didn’t have horns when he left…. so that’s weird.


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