Ophans of Whitehill

Ullr Ramblings 8

Game Date: 4/22/16
- The party checks out the area around Crest on top of hill. Jayna shows us spot where coin acts strangely
- Discuss ways to search that area:
o Dig at the spot?
o Go thru jail with help of Kaid’s “sheriff” friends & a map of caverns
o Ask?
- Decide we need money. Kaid & I fight in arena. Spend 200gp in gambling but make 400 gp back
- Next, meet with two of the diviners in town. One is an elf who can be very pricey. Decide to use “witch” Grandam Purolock (gnome)
- She gives us two options by means of a poem: Through the Prison OR Find Stairs.
- I send note and Eld Drommar of Dwarven Enclave meets us at the spot on top of crest and we work out a plan to dig for the site: Crypt of Tolcoth Cragshale: Mystahlinn’s husband
- Using the Moonsday fog, Magic Fog Cloud and the invisibility dust to hide our tent—we work well together: digging, moving dirt, casting Silence. Eventually get to the silver sheen that covers the opening. As soon as I touch the Coin to the barrier, it “pops” and we almost all fall through.
- Take down the tent and hide it inside hole-then cover hole.
- Enter the tomb and before we even get to the bottom of the stairs, touch the Coin to one of the dwarven “mouths” and a tremendous GYSER of water nearly knocks all of us over!!
- Eventually the water stops and we block up the trap with whatever we can find.
- ……to be continued
Fighting Technique REMEMBERED: RAGE!! Added strength and reduced damage! Duh!.
“How do you feel about losing?” –Oswalt to Ullr before Arena battle
“I will have the Antidote for you.” Hollis, Diviners greeter, after allowing party to finish their tea


SteveWilcox Ullr

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