Ophans of Whitehill

Ullr Ramblings 11

Game Date 6/17/16

Game Date: 6/17/16
During a long rest in, the party discusses what is going on and recap what we have learned
- “Surgeon” is trying to make a perfect descendant made up of all the Waylanders bloodlines
- “Plunk” is a magic crossbow that fires Magic Missiles. Seems to like Kaid
- “Mastermind” is in charge of Butler Guards (golems) and if Butler or Wright try to use them, MM will know
- There is a Salamander loose in the castle. Used by Zanner, but now out of its cage. It manipulated some of the crystals in MM “brain”
- The “Lifter” is also somewhere in the tower. Strong golem.
o Red: Drive
o Green: Grace/Balance
o White: Memory
o Blue: Cognitive/Reasoning
o Purple: Creative Thinking
We proceed to the top floor and search around. Find a wardrobe and some closed doors. Unfortunately Jiguro armor makes too much noise and a battle ensues
I battle “Lifter” while others keep the butler golems at bay. Occasionally the Salamander will heat things up.
Defeat all the monsters and find the Salamander in one of the rooms. Kaid talks with him and we decide to make a deal with him so we can get out and away from the tower

Fighting Technique Lesson: Focusing on one opponent allows me to use all my learned skills & feats together to be an extremely formidable force to protect my fellow party members

“Morning Dove” – The GREAT SCARY Golems name


SteveWilcox Ullr

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