Ophans of Whitehill

Ullr Ramblings 12

Game Date 9/16/16

Game Date: 9-16-16
- Jiguro and I do ritual for dead monk guards
- Work our way back to the large chamber with murals of Six Waylanders.
- Bandits are looting some of the statues. Before it comes to blows, I halt them and us
- Play harp to match music player—secret door opens
- Put armor on statue—another secret door opens
- Further investigation finds map room/study in latter, library in former.
- Attacked by Moths!! Use flame and might to defeat
- Come across deep gnomes fighting dracotaur. Call for help from gnomes. Bugbear and I charge. Party tries to stop me.
- Find out after questioning the gnomes that they are slavers trying to bring the beast to the surface to sell.
- After gnomes depart, we revive the monster and it tells us of a giant wyrm at the end of the tunnel that needs to be defeated to get out via this tunnel. Our other options are to try to get out through the prison.
Fighting Technique Lesson: Keep your feet and focus on largest of creatures. Distractions cause injuries

“Jolt up the Axe” What Ullr receives trying to pry open corner of walls
“Premature Invocation” Oswalt’s misfired eldridge blast


SteveWilcox Ullr

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