Ophans of Whitehill

Ullr Ramblings 13

Game Date 9/22/16

Game Date: 9/22/16
Dreaming… no, Floating. I feel like I am floating
A strange sensation since I am so heavy and dense as a dwarf—I do not believe I have even floated—not even in water. I last remember the beasts fearsome and ferocious teeth slice through my mail armor and pain lanced throughout my body. Then darkness!! *
But here I am soaring to some unknown and dim destination *
Suddenly I am halted in mid-flight. Something grabs me and my attention *
**“You must go back Ullr” the disembodied spirits say in an eerie & haunting echo.

  • I recognize the voice as that of my parents, intertwined in a musical dirge *
    “Fulfill your destiny and decision to re-establish Our Clan name!!” *

    A powerful force—more brutal than my strongest punch—
    hurls me backwards to a familiar light

    I am staring at Jiguro as he smiles at me. The remnants of his healing touch fading. “Welcome back my friend”
    I recall what happened that led me here:
    We battled a HUGE purple wyrm!!! We determined it to be young—but its bite and size made me fear what an adult one would be like in combat! Plus, the ability it had to jump through apparent solid rock caused quite a challenge for our entire party! Oswalt’s noisy spells did help—but overall, it was one of our most difficult fights in the time we have been together.
    After the fight, one of the rogues, a Bugbear named Garugek offers his services to our group as a lieutenant. I tear off his mandibles and give him the name “Fetter”
    Search the creatures lair and find some treasure. We also follow the tunnel out and find ourselves on the island just east of Ironcrest. Hire a boat to get us back to mainland.
    Fighting Technique Lesson: Shields can be a useful weapon in a pinch!
    - Chisel with dwarven symbol for “GROW” on it
    - Black Staff with snakes head “Staff of the Adder”
    - 20 teeth from the Plum Wyrm
    - 6 pieces of jewelry worth @ 50 gp each


SteveWilcox Ullr

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