Ophans of Whitehill

Ullr Ramblings 14

Game Date 10/28/16

Game Date: 10/28/16
Send a note to Eld Drommar within the Dwarven Enclave about the success within the prison and thanks for his assistance. Also of our plan to go North. His reply is a pouch I am to bring to Kona Slotch.
Kaid finds a rumor monger-Saerus the Clever-to find out information about the Necromancer that was thought to be effecting the lands in the north. The same one that we believe sent the giant skeletal hand. He also received a map! Mark the information found out on copy of it.
Head to closest town: Granton. A golem attack happened there recently. Local hero Tomlin fought it off. Speak with him about the fight with the construct. As we are speaking, the town “crier”/tracker, Fredrick calls for help at Gwens Shop. He is unable to go due to his injuries. Sends us in his place.
All kinds of creatures out of their cages. Need to capture them, not kill them. After collecting nets and other items to detain the escapees, we head inside.
A few of the occupants in the building are statues due to an escaped cockatrice. I am “blasted” by a shock lizard and find one of the shock lizards is HUGE. I end up punching it!!
Work together and get all the creatures back in their cages. As a reward-we are given some potions and an ominous sounding fortune:
“Broken book is causing more trouble than it should is that which you seek!”
“The One you seek is carrying the Book”
Collect our bounty and re-organize—deciding where to go next.
Fighting Technique Lesson: From Scarred Tomlin who fought a GOLEM. Hit the beast in the seams!
“You weak” – Fetter to Jiguro upon his not being able to hold onto man catcher


SteveWilcox Ullr

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