Ophans of Whitehill

Ullr Ramblings 15

Game Dates 11/4 & 11/18/16

Game Dates: 11/4/16 & 11/18/16
- Learn from Gwen that we need to put Moon Path potion on obelisk to see the hidden passage from Konk Slotch to Chiliad Conclave. Should also have silver coins to barter with them
Purchase one such potion and have 800 SP
- Decide to head to Konk Slotch to report on golem and also Eld Drommars findings. Should take one week of travel
- Attack by orges first night!!
- Make it to mining village of Konk Slotch. Dwarves mostly panning for gold. Also some digging in mines. Problem with Brimstone coating walls. Disease has ravaged some citizens. Paladin needed
- Reward offered if we help clear it and find & eliminate source.
- Creature is a Grimslake or “Gate Wyrm”. We prepare a plan and head into the dungeon to battle the demon!
- We find the beast and charge! A ferocious battle ensues. I am frightened for a time due to the HELL I see within the creatures gaping maw! Jiguro’s Radiant light blasts along with Jayna’s magically infused bow, Fetters lightning hacks and my shield blows quickly kill it—much to our surprise.
- As we kill the beast—a void opens and pulls us all toward the rift in its stomach. The millstone, my shield and strength keep me from tumbling into the abyss. Fetter & I keep Kaid from a similar fate.
- We recover and move to find Berron barely able to keep his Sanctuary wards in place. Jiguro & Fetter rush to save him.
Fighting Technique Lesson: [Tomlin] Best way to take a hit and avoid damage. Gain Feat: Hero’s Repose: Always gain health of at least CON modifier
PEOPLE: Berron: Earth Speaker (dwarf)//Grim Witty: Satirist Bard (Gnome)//Gargber: Quarry Master (Dwarf)

“Jiguro IS waking up” – ‘20’ on his CON check
“Who’s weak now Fetter” –Jiguro upon healing the bugbear


SteveWilcox Ullr

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