Ophans of Whitehill

Ullr Ramblings 17

Game Date 12-16-16

Game Dates: 12/16/16
- Ask questions to Shakua about Seed and Necromancer
o He is a Waylander as well. His item from Master Koomer gives him a connection to us that allows him to create undead when we heal!!
o Seed is the FOCUS
o Horn of Unicorn is the FORM
- Fought specters in the library-Room 23
- Fetter & I both aged by the terrifying creatures
- Kaid becomes possessed by the undead and nearly kills Jiguro
- Bookcases ‘accidentally” knocked over, but picked back up
- With some research, we find out in the God Wars, 9 of 11 High Priests died in the Great Revolt. Buried in Ennead Barrow
- Ghost Knight is a floating Undead Helmet.
- We head toward known location of the Knight-March Tor
- Along the way we see Lightning and Energy Bolts—Fey Cast
- When we arrive—evidence of a recent battle
“I have advantage on Hit Points” -Ullr
“Where are we going?” -Ullr to Kaid
Kaid’s Reply: “blah blah blah” – (what Ullr hears)
“Ok—the first place” – Ullr
“He’s light as a Fetter” – Ullr lifting his fallen companion out of combat


SteveWilcox Ullr

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