Ophans of Whitehill

Ullr's Ramblings 16

Game Date 11/26/16

Game Dates: 11/26/16
- We are able to walk the Moon Path with the help of the potion. Encounter a large beast on the path “Chitterglax”.
- He helps make Fetter a Waylander with a Blood Spell.
- We get to the Enclave and see an audience with Teavors who is an instructor. He reviews paperwork from Gwen.
- He tells of story of the Valley:
+ “Farvanari” Green Unicorn was protector of Valley
+ “Selephra” Bramble Queen: Possessed Unicorn enticed it to fight Ents
+ Horn snapped off in trunk of “Pethart” who now slumbers. Other Ents were:
- Knot Fist: Wanders the Valley battling orcs
- Cloud Crown: Gave up his existence

- We also speak with “Shakua” Sphinx on top floor in tower.
- Calls us “Destined” ones and checks us all over
- Tells me “The Heart of your Team flows through You”
- Book we seek is in the hands of the Necromancer. Three specters in room 23 left behind by him.
- Necromancer is also our Brother through Koomer. When we heal, he uses the power to create undead.
- We ask about the Seed that Berron was seeking. Seed is in the Valley and can be re-united with Unicorn Horn.

PURCHASES: Curing Potions (2D4+2) Total: 3


SteveWilcox Ullr

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