Social Ranks of Southern Eseron

SL Gentry
-1 Thrall
0 Slave
1 Soldier Apprentice Churl
2 Man-at-Arms Journeyman Freeman
3 Esquire Citizen / Yeoman
4 Gentleman: (Lord/Lady) Knight Guildsman Constable
5 Barnonet Cavalier Bursar / Master Craftsman Magistrate or Senator
6 Count Knight Banneret Guildmaster Chief Magistrate
7 Baron Knight Captain Eldersman Lord Mayor / Senate Chairman
8 Viscount Marshal
9 Duke
10 Earl
11 Royal

There is no actual royalty in Southern Eseron any more, though the rank still is considered to exist. The original noble lines were slain during the reign of the Archonacy. Since the Fall a number of powerful leaders have declared themselves king but none have lasted. Archonacy sympathizers and various other factions have managed to cut down each newly proclaimed king within a year. The great cities (Dalghos, Ayden, Brekold & CrowsFord) are ruled by Earls which is the highest current rank in the South. The remaining cities are lead by Dukes.

The difference between the bottom ranks are:
Thrall are beings with elemental heredity who have been bound into slavery. They have no rights not even the right of life. They can be born into thralldom. They are property.
Slaves are property too. A few regions allow slaves to buy their freedom but it is often practically impossible to do so. The big distinction is children born to slaves are freemen.
Churls are freemen who have a debt that that binds them to another’s service. They are not property but have limited rights until the debt is paid. Slave children are often pressed into churlhood. Convicts and debtors are churls.
Soldiers and Apprentices are also indentured.

Most of the population resides at SL1 & 2

SL4 is where the levels of influence begin. Freemen can fight all they want and no-one will care much but a freeman assaulting a ranking member of society (even if provoked) is looking at jail time or capital punishment.

Only the Gentry can own land.
Gentry titles are hereditary. The other SL4+ ranks have to be earned by each individual.

Clerical ranks depend on the specific church. Most base clerics in good standing with their church would be SL3.

*Note: the terms SL-1 — SL11 are never used. They are just game terminology

Social Ranks of Southern Eseron

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